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Water Park Salon - Summer Girl

The waterpark is the coolest hangout for friends during the summer, so it's no surprise that everyone takes their dates there. Even though they're just going to get wet, all the girls want to look good in front of their dates and friends! 

Wedding Fashion Bride Makeover

Who says brides can’t do it all? Talented girl like you have the skill to make their own wedding stuff and put together the perfect look, too! Tell that bakery to keep their cake; you know just the one you want to make!

Pretty Detective: Mystery Case

A crime has just been committed at a silver wedding party, and it’s your job as a detective girl to solve it. Get yourself ready, and head to the Grand Hotel ballroom to solve this mystery.

Wedding Makeup Artist Salon

You’re getting your shot to be a wedding makeup artist. A bride wants you to do her makeup salon for her wedding, and you’ll want to do your best work to get more and more bridal clients!

Makeup Daily - Bold Lip

It's pretty obvious that a bold lip is one of our favorite accessories, Bold lipstick is one of our beauty go-tos: It brightens up any look instantly and, when worn with the right makeup, makes a statement that speaks for itself. 

Beauty Mall - Fashion Mania

Your trip to the Beauty Mall is coming up! It’s the biggest and best mall in your city, and your trip is going to be epic. You’ll get the full fashion experience.


World Hair Salon Fashion Show

Wanna travel around the world and see the latest fashion shows in front seats? Here's a great opportunity! You are invited to the Global Fashion Week!


Wedding Makeup Artist Salon 2

Guess what? Your dream is coming true– you get to be a makeup artist and open up your very own wedding fashion studio! 


Roller Skating Girl - Street Dance

Kylie, a small-town misfit, is not looking forward to another summer vacation. Because her mother, a former beauty queen, pushes her to enter beauty pageants despite her lack of interest.


Cheerleader Glitter Salon

You're not gonna show up on stage in those boring outfits, right? To win the competition, you need to makeup yourself in all dimensions! So...Are you really ready right now?


Vampire High School: New Moon

Jacob couldn't have guessed that after almost a century, he would be able to see a girl who look exactly alike to Christina, the girl that he's still missing and in love with.


Rainbow Unicorn Nail Beauty Artist Salon

Have a blast knitting in the Knit Boutique! This trendy boutique full of colorful threads, beautiful fabrics, fun accessories, and many more surprises awaits you!


My Heartbreak Story - Fall for Bestie

Hi! My name is Maggie, and here is my best friend Lucas! Lucas and I have been besties since we were little kids!


Vampire High School 2: The Witch (Episode 2)

Jacob, a hundred years old vampire, came to a new high school, and he met a girl Selena, who looks exactly the same as his lover Christina in the past. But a witch Alice showed up and casted a strong spell on Selena, Selena disappeared.


My Break Up Story ❤ Interactive Love Story Games

It's Skylar and Matt's two-year anniversary, and it was supposed to be a perfect night...
Matt's being absent-minded during the date, and keeps texting all the time. After the date, he called Skylar...


Blogger's $50 Outfit Challenge: Mall Girl Shopping

Hello everybody, Welcome back to my channel! Today, My friend Ashley and I will be doing a highly requested $50 Outfit Challenge! We will choose 2 outfits which cost under $50 each to compete with each other! My dear subscribers will vote for the winner! Let’s start it now!


OMG Pimples! First Date Nightmare ❤Fun Salon Games

OMG!!! Emily's secret crush Justin just asked her out for a dinner date!!! She needs to get ready for it! 
Oh nooooo! Emily squeezed the pimple on her head and now it has become a disaster!
Help her get the treatment she need to get rid of the awful pimples! Choose wisely and be careful of those witch craft treatments!


My Heartbreak Story 2 - First Crush ❤ Love Games

Hi, I’m Olivia! After two month waiting I finally got my admission to my dream university! I so excited about my new college life! Looking forward to meet some new friends, and maybe a college romance?


Wedding Day Beauty Salon

On the day of our two-year anniversary, he proposed to me!
Time flies, we are getting married soon! This day has to be perfect!
Please help me prepare for my dream wedding!