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All Games

BoyFriend Does My Makeup Salon

Everyone loves funny videos. You’re a famous fashion blogger putting your boyfriend up to the ultimate challenge: doing your makeup in front of the camera. Think he has what it takes?

Blogger Girl: Blindfold makeup

You're rising to the top, you online superstar! Your followers and other people from all over the Internet are finally recognizing you as the cream of the crop in fashion blogging, and now you're more popular than ever. This means it's a great time to take advantage of the latest viral video craze! 

bff downtown date: Beauty mall

Tall, dark, and handsome has been gone for a whole week, and he’s finally coming home today! It’s exciting to wake up and know your boyfriend’s coming home, but he just called with some bad news: his flight has been delayed! 

BFF Date - High School Fashion

High School exams are finally over and all of your hard work has paid off!

The hottest guy in school recognized your unlimited singing talent and has asked you to join him to audition for Talent Quest, the coolest talent show on television!

Beauty Queen™ Royal Salon SPA

Some princesses don't have a lick of fashion sense. They've never had to pick out their own outfits or makeup, so when their personal stylist got sick, they needed someone to keep them beautiful for the kingdom. You've been hired as a personal beauty professional for the three girls, and it's your job to make them storybook beautiful!

Beauty's Dream Job - Ad Agency

Do you have an eye for ads? Are you creative and interested in designing ads that will be seen across the whole country? Good thing that prestigious advertising agency found you! 

Blogger's $50 Outfit Challenge

Your favorite beauty vlogger is creating a challenge for her and her friend, Ashley on her fashion channel. She’s going to need your help as the guest judge. Are you ready? 

Beach Babes Seaside Adventure

The beautiful beach waves are calling your name! Grab your board and hop on for an afternoon of extreme sports! In Fashion Stars Seaside Adventure, stay active this summer by enjoying long days surfing at the beach. 

Bakery Chef Girl - Dream Job

You’ve been invited to become a bakery chef for a day! After dreaming for years about baking beautiful cakes and tasty treats, it’s time to learn how to become the baker you’ve always dreamed. Learning from the most popular café in town is going to be awesome; head right over and start your day!

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back to the 80s - retro party

Dress the girls up for a fashionista party based on 80s fashions. Start by taking your girl to the spa where you can pamper her with a facial treatment and soothing moisturizer. Trim her eyebrows and prep her skin for the awesome makeup table. 


Wedding Day Hair Salon

It’s time for your bridal shower! You and your boyfriend are getting married and your besties are going to throw a craziest party for you!


All Star High - Dodgeball Team

Start by taking your sporty girl to the spa, so she can relax before the big game. Practicing for sports makes players tired and they deserve some pampering. Give her skin treatments and a nice steam facial. Apply a mask and make her skin shine.

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All Star High: Baseball Beauty - iOS COMING SOON

Summer is over and it's back to school! Time to show who are the ones that RULE! Welcome to All Star High! Baseball season has started at your high school and as the captain, it's your job to gather your dream team for an amazing season at this years grand sport series!

Feature-Graphic (3).jpg

All Star High - Tennis Girls

The biggest tennis match of the summer is right around the corner! Are you ready? Grab your sneakers and your gear then see your coach to train and prepare! To win the match, you’ll need to be fit and ready to play your heart out!

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BACK to the 60s - Flower Power

Hop in our fashion time machine and let’s go Back to the 60s! Styles always come back around after time passes, and the fashions from the 1960s are now vintage and hip again. Show off your flower power with beautiful flowered dresses and dress up your handsome hunk boyfriend, too!

Feature-Graphic (2).jpg

Back To The 70s - Disco Party

Disco fever is back! There’s no style quite like that of the 70s. Bellbottoms, vintage dresses, and colorful tops are the ultimate fashion statements, and they’re all becoming popular again. Why not get ahead of this fashion frenzy?