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All Games

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Princess Power - Superhero Duo

Superhero girl is BACK but with more princess power! This time her beautiful hero friend is at her side to aid her! Sometimes superheroes needs a friend too.. .because fighting crime is no easy task. 

Superhero Girl - Princess Power Makeover Salon

Are you ready to save the world? Come help this superhero gal prepare for her missions! But wait! First mission is to help design her new super hero costume! 

Princess Winter Hair Salon SPA

Every princess needs a beautiful hairdo for the royal ball. After all, she might meet her prince and fall in love! The hairstyle must look good when dancing and when sitting in a royal chair, so make sure you pick the right one! 

Prom Dress - Fashion Designer

Prom night is fast approaching and you want to have the most unique look at the event to show off your individuality and creativity. Well now is your chance in this pretty prom themed design game.

Roller Skate Chics: Girls Date

Nothing’s better than a Saturday night at the roller-skating rink with your friends! Feeling the breeze and dancing to the music is extreme fun, so why don’t you get ready to go? 

Pop Star Girl - Teen Fashion

The life of a pop star is pretty amazing. Think you’d like to get a chance to experience that lifestyle for yourself? The fashion, makeup, and amazing dress up that they get are at your fingertips.

Pop Star Hair Stylist Salon

Being a celebrity means that no matter how cold the weather or how windy and rainy the day, you have to look good for your fans. Good thing you get perks for being famous!

Rainbow Princess Magic Kindom

The princess of the rainbow wonderland is inviting you to come visit her for a fun day in her land. You’ll get to go to her rainbow spa and help her get ready. Isn’t that a dream come true?

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royal sleepover: pajama party!

Every little girl dreams of being a princess, and in Royal Stay Over – Princess Sleepover Salon, they get a chance to live their dream while playing with their royal friends.  


Spring Break Getaway Resort

Dreaming of a grand holiday on a tropical island? Thinking about that holiday house you have on long islands? That gorgeous pier, the charming lighthouse, glamorous poolside and beautiful shimmering waters, you can go visit it here, now!