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All Games

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Makeup Daily - Girls Night Out

Fashion, photos, and fun: it's girl's night! When you and your besties get together, there's only one thing thats certain and it's that tons of fun will be had and memories will be made. 

MAKEUP Daily - Glitter & Shimmer

Need some help with your festive look for the holidays? Take a personalized quiz to help you decide which makeup look is the best one for you. You can even design your own eye shadow.

MermAId Princess - Ocean Salon

You and your royal sisters are throwing a huge party for the whole kingdom tonight! The food is ready, the DJ is on his way, and all in the people have been invited. The only thing left is to get yourself ready! 

Musician girl - Dream Job

The city’s famous music studio is holding an open house to show off some of the best classical musicians in the country. The recital is tonight, and since you’re the best stylist around, they’ve sent their musicians to you for proper makeovers! 

My Dream Closet - Glam Girls Beauty Salon

Who says Barbie is the queen of fashion? As a fancy babe yourself, it won't take much to make you the hottest girl in town! 

Nail Art - Nails Beauty Salon

A fashion loving girl will love this girls game. The nail salon is opening at Beauty Mall, and it’s time to be your own nail stylist. This beauty salon features fun manicures with fancy nail art.

Our sweet Date - Beach Dinner

The beach is a great place to celebrate your anniversary date with your adorable and loving boyfriend.


A breakup can be hard on you, and especially hard on your skin. Tears and red skin are often common after a breakup, so turn to makeup daily for a hot makeover.

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Our Sweet Date - Football Star

Does your boyfriend have football madness? Well, it’s time to spend a game day with him for a date. Let’s get ready with a fun spa day with a makeover to be kiss camera ready!


Our Sweet Date - Love Letter - coming soon

Nothing speaks more strongly of your love than a hand-written love letter. Emails and text messages are so impersonal. They have no style! They have no personal touch!