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All Games

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Makeup Artist - Hollywood Star

Ever wonder how celebrity socialites always manage to look so good when caught by surprise on camera? Believe me, it’s not all natural!

Makeup Artist - Lipstick Maker

Sometimes the perfect makeup can make or break a fashion statement. Now’s your chance to create a style that will be popular all over the world! 

Makeup Artist Lipstick Maker 2

Do you love lipstick? Are you up for the challenge of designing your own jelly lipsticks? In your new salon, you can use your favorite flowers to make that perfect shade and have a fun makeover.

Makeup Artist - Pimple Salon

You’re a fabulous makeup artist but after a business trip you wake to find you have skin inflammation and some pimples you have to cure.

MAKEUP Artist: Pink Doll Salon

Your favorite color is pink! It’s time to put your skills as a makeup artist to good use in a fun spa game. Can you make yourself into the prettiest little pink doll?

Makeup Artist - Rainbow Salon

Create your very own eye shadows and lipsticks in rainbow colors at the shop. Mix and match all colors, or try just a few to create a more simplistic look. Mix up the pigments and show off your talent by creating your very own combinations of colors. Swipe on the makeup and try to stay in the lines!

Makeup Artist: Sun Tanning SPA

It’s time to hit the beach, but you need a tan. Go to the tanning salon for an individualized sun tan. Create the perfect color and change the girl’s skin tone to give her a gorgeous, bronzed complexion! She’ll have a healthy glow and look fab in her summer clothes. Sun tanning has never been so easy!


A breakup can be hard on you, and especially hard on your skin. Tears and red skin are often common after a breakup, so turn to makeup daily for a hot makeover.

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Makeup Daily - Fall Look

The seasons have changed, and fall is in the air. Take this fun Fashion Quiz to help you find the perfect style for the fall and winter months. You’ll be dazzled with your new makeover.


Makeup Daily - First Date

In romance, there’s nothing more important than that first date. Need help in picking the best makeup look for your upcoming date? What about your outfit? Look no further for fashion help!