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All Games

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Girls Date - Besties Hang Out

Don't you just LOVE doing girly things with your best girlfriends? Get dressed up for a day with your BFFs! Go to the mall for a shopping date, dessert or gossip date or get a hot makeover together! Make sure that when you and your gang steps out onto the streets, you are all super fashionable and trendy, ready to make heads turn!

Girls Getaway - Weekend Spa

After working hard all week long, it's time to treat yourself to some peace and relaxation with a weekend getaway. How about a trip to the spa? Grab your BFF and head over to the luxury resort to get the best spa treatment you've ever had!

Glam Girl - Dress Me Up

Famous superstars and supermodels aren’t the only ones who can have glamorous style! You won a contest and were chosen to receive the glamour package of your dreams: all the hottest and most expensive makeup and outfits you can ever want!

High School Girl - Dress me Up

Take a photo of yourself and go shopping to find the perfect preppy outfit for high school. There’s a lot more to choose from than just uniforms! Try on cutes skirts, fluffy sweaters and adorable tights. Mix and match lots of colors and styles to find the perfect look for you.

honeymoon stylist - island spa

You are finally going on your dream vacation. Just you and your lover on a romantic island paradise. The game lets you pamper yourself before your romantic weekend.

Hotel Hostess Girl - Dream Job - coming soon

Being the face of the most luxurious hotel in the city means you have to look presentable at all times. The five star hotel offers spa and beauty services to all of your guests, so take advantage of them and become a walking billboard for your wonderful job! 

Ice Beauty's Perfect Dress Up

Way off the coasts of Alaska, a kingdom is rising to power. As the beautiful Ice Queen, you have the power to shape snow, move ice, and freeze your enemies, but that’s not all there is to being a powerful queen.


Magic Elf Princess: girls Game

Far away from the big cities and busy towns, the cute town of Ethleen sits hidden in the middle of a huge enchanted forest. Any day you’ll see many cute elves moving between the mushroom houses and magical tree towers, working and spending time with their elf friends and family. 

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Magic Princess - Girls Game

Being a royal princess has its perks, especially if you love to dress up! As the kingdom's only beautiful princess, you can get the latest fashions, hairstyles, and makeups before anyone else! 


Makeup Artist - Eye Make up

The Party for Girls cosmetic shop is open and ready for business. Are you ready to try your hand at being a makeup artist at your very own beauty salon? Time to find your style!