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Fashion Daily - Meet the Ex

Your ex-boyfriend broke your heart 3 months ago in a breakup stunner. You were devastated, but you knew that he would be back. Now, he’s asking you to go out with him. Is it friendship or romance?

fashion Daily - MOVIE NIGHT

Join the hottest fashion blog, Fashion Daily, and take a personalized quiz to help you figure out your own unique style!

fashion Daily - Red Carpet

Congratulations are in order! You’ve been nominated for a Best Actress award and get to walk down the red carpet with all the other celebrities. Take a fashion quiz to find your star style!

fashion Daily - Workout Day

Fashion daily is here to tell you all about the hottest workout fashion trends that are hitting the market. Why not look amazing playing your favorite sport or getting your fitness workout in?

Fashion Designer - Celebrity Dress Maker 

Do you LOVE fashion? Are you in awe of the glitz and glam of the fashion world? Well now its your CHANCE to become the most sought after fashion designer ever! Are you ready to enter the world of the elites?

Fashion Designer Dress Maker 2

Your dream to be a fashion designer for models and celebrities is coming true. You’re getting a chance to design and present your latest dress collection to the world. Relax those jitters first!


Get ready to test drive the job of your dreams! You’ve won the chance to be a film director and produce your very own movie and your favorite movie star. You have control of the story, the shots, and the actors; all you need now is to bring your creativity! What are you waiting for?

Food Blogger Girl - Dream Job

You love food. You love making food that looks tempting and tastes great! Time to share that love with being a food blogger girl for a day! Show your readers how to get the same results you do!

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Football Game Day - Food Party

There is nothing like football: the bright lights, amazing drives, and Hail Mary passes. There is plenty to do to get ready for your football party! Start your day by relaxing! Get the stress out with some spa treatments. Enjoy an excellent makeup bar to go a little crazy for game day!


Girl Boss - Beauty's dream job

Your fashion company is thriving, and that has made you one of many successful business women. Being the boss isn’t always easy, so you need to take some time for yourself.