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All Games

Face Paint Girl: Costume Party

It’s time to party! The big Halloween dance is tonight and all your friends will be there. Why aren’t you ready? It starts in an hour! Hop in front of the mirror and let’s get ready to show them who is best. Dress just right and you’re sure to win the costume contest!

Fairy Princess Unicorn Salon

It’s take your unicorn to the spa day! Have fun giving your little fairy princess and her pet unicorn a pretty makeover and new outfits in this cool game.

fashion Blog - Outfit Challenge

As a fashion blogger, you love creating content for your fans. Put on your vlogger hat to create a fun challenge to see who can come up with the best outfits. It’s you versus your BFF!

fashion Blogger - 1 Min Makeup

Play as a popular fashion blogger in this cool game where you and your friend Kylie are going to compete for who can create the best makeup look in one minute or less!

Fashion Blogger Girl: Nail Art

Your hobby as a fashion blogger has blown up! Your social media channel is very popular, and it’s become more a job than a hobby. Everyone loves your beauty tips and wants you to cover nail salons.

Fashion Blogger Girl - STARDOM

After months of hard work, your fashion tips are finally on the big scene! As a celebrity YouTube star, there is not fashion blogger on the internet that can top you right now!

Fashion Blogger - Room Tour

Help me by taking me to the spa to have a great facial using only the best skin care products. Cleanse, scrub and moisturize my skin with high end products and all natural oils. Make my skin glow with a cucumber mask! Then we'll head to the salon for a fabulous makeover.

Fashion Car Salon - Girls Game

Who says boys get to have all the roarin’, racin’, pedal-to-the-metal fun? Girls can love fast cars and driving like a racer, too! Don’t let boys dominate the racetrack, ladies! Let’s get dolled up and then head to the shop: you’ve got a car to design.

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fashion Daily - Back To School

Summer is winding down, and that means it’s time to start prepping for back to school. Girls love to dress up, and this fashion daily will help you to come up with the best outfits to wear this year!


Fashion Daily - First Date

You finally got your secret crush to ask you out on a first date! You were so nervous about getting to that point that you didn’t think about what you’d wear. Better get thinking about your fashion!